Part-time Workers...

more like FULL-TIME HASSLE ... am I right?

Everyone knows about the problems of owning a business, right?

It is no secret... we all know the problem where you need to get them a quick message, but it gets lost in a sea of post-it notes and push pins...

Instead of getting a blank stare when you remind Abby about post-it note #23 explaining how the new credit card feature works at your register, send her a memo with Crew Zen.

When Abby says she didn't see the memo, remind her it was right next to the button she clicked to punch-in and get paid. smilie

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Crew-Zen is an intranet for a small business with no time for post-it note chaos and time card shenanigans.

  • Memos

    Keep your team updated with the latest announcements, policy changes, or booze parties anything. Anyone can send private memos to team leaders, particular teams, or the whole team.

  • Schedule

    Set up categories and scheduling rules to set up your schedule with our Easier-Than-Google™ calendar system with features that will blow you away!

  • Time Cards

    Every shift, have your employees log into Crew-Zen to punch in and read their memos to catch up on the latest booze parties announcements news. Time card reports can be downloaded as CSVs or PDFs.

  • Handbook

    Have an easy-to-edit on-line policy manual to define your policy on booze parties bathroom cleaning.

My Your Problems Solved

What's Abby's Phone Number?

We've all done this right? Holy crap - Tony called in sick Tuesday morning and Abby is the only one who can work - what's her number? If you don't feel like filling your iPhone with every human's number on Earth, use the Team Member section to get Abby's phone, email or even when she worked last and is scheduled to work next with just a few clicks.

I didn't know I was scheduled!

Ever have a team member not show up for a shift? I have, and that is frustrating! With Crew-Zen, have your manager set up your schedule using our Easier-Than-Google™ calendar system. Team Members can subscribe to their shift calendar on their phone and be kept up-to-date in real time!

"Falling off a log" easy payroll

Those with access can download the payroll report as a PDF or CSV on a weekly, bi-weekly, 15th/30th, or monthly basis. Hours can be tracked for different types of work (we pay our sales reps a different rate to work in our store). The CSV can easily be imported to Gusto payroll for one-click payroll processing.

Boring-but-updatable Handbook

Everyone hates the dreaded employee handbook, right? We are all equal opportunity and anti-harassment aren't we? (Hollywood need not reply.) With the Crew-Zen handbook, you can have nested sections within sections and add to it whenever you'd like. Our handbook has documentation on those seldom used pieces of equipment (anyone want to buy a like-new $1000 shrink-wrap machine?)

Sure Ginger, I trust you...

We all hire trustworthy team members but with Crew-Zen you can rest assured that you have fine controls over who can do what - for example, each one of these is a different setting: can see the schedule, add events, edit own requested time off, edit any team member's events etc... Each section of Crew-Zen has a handful of access settings for each user with fine-detail control.

Read This or Die

Ever have something important to tell your team like "If the IRS calls, I'm on a conference call!"... with Crew-Zen's memo system any team member can write a memo to individuals, a whole team, team leaders or the entire staff. Memos are emailed and can be tagged with user-definable tags. Memos can be replied to for an ongoing discussion... "Scott, why exactly is the IRS calling?"

Pricing - Show me the Money

To purchase, click on the account size below:
Reminder: You'll need an account for every member of your team - each human can be an admin or regular user.
If you need more than 25 users, please contact us for pricing options.

Small Business

$ 15
First Month Free!
Billed monthly

  • First Month Free!
  • Up to 5 users
  • Unlimited Use
  • Upgrade Any Time
  • Cancel Any Time
  • 100% Guarantee

Not-so-small Business

$ 60
First Month Free!
Billed monthly

  • First Month Free!
  • Up to 25 users
  • Unlimited Use
  • Upgrade Any Time
  • Cancel Any Time
  • 100% Guarantee
  • Before Crew-Zen, we tracked employee hours on hand-written timesheets all over campus. Getting payroll right was difficult as each employee is paid different rates for doing different jobs. With Crew-Zen, our part-time employees punch in and out to indicate which job they are working at. Payroll is dead easy and error free.

    Msgr. Breier, Queen of All Saints Parish, St. Louis

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FAQs - AKA Why you should try Crew-Zen

What if it sucks?

Crew-Zen has been developed over the last 10 years and is rock solid and stable - it is "race proven" and used daily by countless users punching in and out and sending memos to their teams.

What does this guy know?

As well as being a web developer, I also own a retail store - The Teachers' Lounge. Over our 12+ years of being in business we've gone from less than 10 team members to over 25. We have teams like Retail, Sales, and Back Office and numerous Team Leaders under our store managers Angela and Donna. My team and I developed Crew Zen over the last 10 years and are now sharing it with other businesses.

How long does setup take?

Purchasing your annual subscription gives you immediate access to the system where you can see how it all works, add your team members, and invite them to start using the system.

Is there any nice tutorial?

Coming Soon: some "how to" videos that will show you how to set up your company and preferences in just minutes as well as how to actually use Crew Zen. Frankly, it is so simple that you shouldn't need any instructions, but what the heck - some people like to watch videos. smilie

How to report issue / feedback?

If you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns, feel free to email me ( or call me at 314-433-3230 and I can help you out. We love suggestions and frankly most of the features in Crew-Zen were user-suggested. A good suggestion will be rewarded with free subscriptions. smilie

Is there a guarantee?

Just like our mentors, AppSumo, we know Crew-Zen doesn't suck so we offer a 100% guarantee* on each annual plan. If you decide to try it out and don't like it, let me know what sucks for you and we'll update Crew-Zen and/or give you your money back. Since you get the First Month Free, why not sign up and try it out? If you really hate it (you won't), we'll gladly refund you.
*Guarantee applies to most recent annual spend with Crew-Zen.

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